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2015 China International thirteenth modern rescue forum held in Xuzhou
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Company news center dynamic company in the news industry news of your current location: Home > Company News 2015 China International the 13th modern rescue forum in Xuzhou held release time: 2015-07-03 Author: admin article source:
Since founded in 2003 China - international modern medical rescue forum, in continuous successfully hosted the 12th, completed the period of rotation later with the "Chinese Journal of emergency recovery and disaster medicine and the medical rescue undertaking counterparts, has begun to mature. From national medical rescue more than 1000 and representatives of the world's Disaster Emergency Medical Association, International SOS Medical Rescue Department, the American Heart Association (AHA), University of California, Irvine, medical college, the Finnish Ministry of health, Norway Laerdal company and Japan, the Netherlands, China Taipei experts and scholars a hall to the get-together. Liu Huiliang, General Hospital of the armed police chief of the general assembly, the general assembly, the general assembly, Wu Yongping, deputy director of the association of Xuzhou Medical College. Wu Yongping, vice president presided over the opening ceremony, the world disasters, the State Council emergency experts group leader of group of Shan Chunchang Professor, National Planning Commission medical administrative authority, Department of international cooperation, ha, the emergency office of the relevant leaders of the emergency medical experts and scholars chairman Paul Farrell, American Heart Association (AHA) section chief scientist Petter L.Fromm etc. attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. The forum, both 12 years global and medical rescue practice in our country, the theory of comprehensive summary and promotion of; at the same time by World Disaster Emergency Medical Association chairman Paul Farrell, the State Council emergency experts group leader of group of Shan Chunchang, Professor of international famous authority respectively the trend of international medical rescue in disaster, China's emergency management of the latest progress, evolution of international cardiopulmonary resuscitation and emergency cardiovascular care guidelines, international standard of aviation rescue and security in West Africa Bo pull treatment, Nepal earthquake of China International Search and rescue and other industries major issues as the authoritative report. While focusing on the practice and theory of medical rescue, the focus of the study is to explore the globalization, three-dimensional construction of medical aid and the assessment and research system. Executive vice president and Secretary General of China Association of medical rescue, forum chairman Zong Hao Li professor made entitled "keep pace with the world, and time synchronization of medical rescue" speech, comprehensive review, summed up the development of the discipline of disaster medical rescue and work. Forum in the next period of time, will mainly focus on the establishment of global unified, standardized emergency system and rescue process, standard equipment, strengthen China's air emergency construction, perfect three-dimensional rescue system, combined with relevant international organizations, actively establish international medical rescue crisis processing mechanism and long-term mechanism, practical guidance and support public rescue career, create a globalization, three-dimensional emerging medical rescue undertaking, with the world, and synchronization. After the main forum of major domestic and international documentary association under the drainage, nursing, unintentional injuries in children, air ambulance, petroleum and petrochemical, mine disaster, emergency Division will combine their respective industries and professional characteristics, headed by experts at home and abroad, held the forum, constitutes a complete rescue medical theory and practice system. At the same time, the China Medical Rescue Association, the emergency department, the air first aid branch and other eight branches officially established. During the forum, chairman of the forum, China Medical Rescue Association executive vice president and Secretary General of long Zong Hao Li Professor met respectively with the world disaster emergency medical association chairman Paul Farrell and the American Heart Association (AHA) chief scientist Petter L.Fromm sir, is the common development of both sides and all-round cooperation and exchanges for the further discussion and reached a depth of consensus. And other experts for the general assembly of the Wu Yongping and other experts as the vice president of the association. Based on the research of the national anesthesia field, Xuzhou Medical College has become the first aid and Rescue Research Institute and the national emergency personnel training base.

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