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TR-900L ECG/SPO2 Monitor
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Technical specification:
◆Professional for the operating room and ICU / CCU care and other occasions.
◆7 inch color TFT LCD display with high resolution.
◆For Adult, pediatrics and neonates.
◆All lead ECG can be stored,  100 VPC waveform recall.
◆Freezing and releasing waveform function, 96 hours trend chart and alarm
    function.100 sets of VPC data .
◆Can be used with ESU(Electrosurgical Unit),defibrillator and pacemaker
◆"Big eyes" warning light
◆Built-in storage battery and recorder. ETCO2  is  optional.
   The mainstream of ETCO2 and sidestream of ETCO2 can be used  interchangeably.
◆ ISO 9001:2000,ISO 13485:2003 certificate.


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